Today at the BlackHat USA 2013 conference, we, in conjunction with Rift Recon, have announced and launched the new ExploitHub Hardware Initiative.  ExploitHub Hardware includes two new categories in the marketplace for Hardware and associated Firmware.

By partnering with Rift Recon, who specialize in development, curation, and testing of physical exploitation tools and devices, we intend to expand the ExploitHub marketplace into the physical realm and provide customers who engage in penetration testing activities options when it comes to subverting or attacking physical security systems or devices.

The Initiative also includes a Firmware section intended for firmware images that can be loaded onto select devices that are available in the Hardware section.  These types of devices provide versatile exploitation or attack platforms upon which a customized environment can be built for the user via selecting the most appropriate or desired firmware image.

To find out more, you can view the full press release.

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